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Subject: Saw names on baby board and I hav something to add.......
Author: Anna   (guest,
Date: November 1, 2002 at 3:35:50 PM
The names Eleni and Dijani
Any info? Both used as female names on a new post I saw,
Dijani looks like a male form of Dijana and Eleni like a form of Elena

To add: (i just have some spelling variations:
Jesika form of Jessica knew a girl with this name
Raychel sort of an unknown form of Rachel also Reachyl I have actually seen it spelled that way before;)
Meri I have no idea is this is in your database I didnt check but I have a friend Meredith and we call her Meri
Krysta variant of Christa or Krista
Krissy short form of Kristina
Jiana variant of Gianna
I know its lame but I just curious!

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