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Subject: Re: Do your name books give etymological sources? nt
Author: Ylva   (guest)
Date: May 5, 2005 at 4:01:48 PM
Reply to: Do your name books give etymological sources? nt by Miranda
I have not consulted any name books now, I borrowed them from the library when I was looking for a name for my future child.

But they are written by journalists but founded on books by researchers like Roland Otterbjörk. I assure you that Otterbjörk is bona fide. I was merely pointing out that an answer should not be written off as rubbish just b/c it is from "a name book". Or that people should not be forbidden to answer b/c they are not researchers themselves but have consulted a name book.

If so, it should be in the rules "Never answer b/c you have read it in a name book". Or better "If your information comes from a name book, give the name and author of this name book". All name books are not unreliable.

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