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Subject: Don't worry :-)
Author: Miranda   (Authenticated as Randee15)
Date: May 5, 2005 at 5:37:09 PM
Reply to: Re: I don't agree by Minetta
Sometimes we get into these tiffs, but we always resolve them one way or another... eventually, at least, lol. You just have to ride these things out, so to speak. ;-)

No, I haven't met anyone named Minetta before, or even heard of the name before you. The closest name I've encountered personally is Mina (pr. MIE-na); she was one of my former teachers, and is now retired completely.

Having said all that, I also have to ask you to not use all caps on here. It's considered the Internet equivalent of shouting, and is therefore usually considered rude. OK? :-)

"Six hours later I still haven't done my homework, but I did come up with 245 name combos, seven of which I might name my child." — Modified LJ icon quote

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