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Subject: Paging Mr. Darin...
Author: Daividh   (guest)
Date: May 5, 2005 at 9:02:35 PM
Reply to: Portsch, Seago - Dutch and Wend - Slavic. Meanings? by Bobby Darin
we seem to have an etiquette issue here. It appears you're posting as both "Bobby Darin" and "Mark C.", which has always been a no-no here.

You should pick a board identity and use it consistently, and if you decide to change it, notify the board in your first post with the new name. Then use THAT name consistently...

Multiple IDs can be an annoyance to other board users and, in the distant past, we've had some issues here with people impersonating others for troll purposes. I think Mike C. even had to block some renegade computer users some years back.

If you ("Bobby" and "Mark") are in fact two different people using the same computer, pls. tell us. Could it be there's a scarcity of PCs over there in Peterborough?

Bobby/Mark, I bring this up without malice, since I can find no fault with your questions/comments or your demeanor on the board under either name. But let's be straight with the other users, pls.

Thanks and regards,


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