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Subject: Re: names
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: November 3, 2002 at 9:38:19 PM
Reply to: names by Angela
ok Jennifer is a really common name, and changing letters doesnt make it ne less common
using male names for the middle names of girls (ie. robert) is just... wrong
I think you need a name that is catchy, and flows, dont get so caught up on it being unique you loose sight of the fact u just want the name to pop up, and be memorable
Names can be very common names, but flow so nicely, and seem so natural, we will never forget them
eg. Louis Lane
personally, aileen sounds either like a little shy girl, or a middle age woman
emlyn sounds like a elf
addison... a boy
Mariska - a russian form or Marissa? I think this name has the most potential

Marissia, Mirijia (from the word Mirage), i like the name Makari, Makira, Makiria, Matajia, Maris, Marisian, Marisianna, Mirijiana (this sounds like Marijauana, is just an idea), Mirtigia, Mikia, Matisika, Matisikia, Midia (Muh-dee-ah)
u get the idea,
have fun
Makari (Mah-kaw-ree), Makira (Mah-kear-ah) and Mijiria (Muh-jear-ee-ah) the best


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