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Subject: Attn:- Daividh
Author: Bagpus and Friends   (guest)
Date: May 6, 2005 at 5:24:08 PM
I'm not sure why this has come about, as i clearly explained this some time back. The computer used for all postings is in my home, our "Hang out" if you like.
We are a group of guys who met through college, originally part of a discussion group that continued after college finished. We all share (to one degree of another) a interest in Local history and began to examine the totality of what was so far researched? and realised with reference to East Anglia in particular there were gaps in the record. Especially, where place names were concerned. Whilst, i could determined the original meaning of a place name such as "X" meaning the tun of a man called Aca or the land where the people of Fremi lived etc. When a personal name was involved I decided to look further and frankly got stuck! on the Old English, Norse names of the era. As search as we might many of these single element names cannot be found.....
So I Bagpus (Paul) bought in Mark, Bobby (and yes, unfortunately that Really is his name!) Rod and several others to help on this, some of which have posted listings. As they drop in at various times, they all post there own listings, on this and many other sites. Each posting is run by each person, but anyone can answer a reply recieved. So no we can't combine them and there really would be no point.
I try to coordinate everything, but as i have recently had a baby with my partner (some two months early). The baby, who is sadly very, very sick has meant for the moment i have had to leave this all up to Mark and Bobby.
As to your comments and everyone's i say this - why assume the worst in life? can there not be a very good reason also for the things that happen? Is it wise to be judgemental of others? As for Mark and Bobby forgive their lack of experience, but give them constructive critism and not negative. If you guys have the right experience, then help them, point them in the right direction after all we all have to learn to walk before we can be expected to run, right? Some of things you (all) have said have proved very illuminating and helpfully, once we learn where we can find something, then we will be there.
If an enquiry seems trite to you (or anyone), it maybe that you have walked that path many times before and simply the others that come after you do not know the way yet....
Thank you all, for the help you have so far given and remember that perhaps the quality the best defines humans as being above all other species, is the fact that we can reach out and help others, not because we have to but simpley because we can! and I thought that was the "Spirit" of humanity that lives of these boards?
I hope this answers everyone's questions and that for the next "Rookie" that come along like Bobby, you encourage him, teach him and share your wisdom so that he can one day be in the same postition as you, with regards (Father) Bagpus

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