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Subject: Re: *Sigh* Miranda
Author: Bagpus and Friends   (guest)
Date: May 6, 2005 at 6:20:44 PM
Reply to: *Sigh* by Miranda
Hi, Thank you for your mesage and further for the congratulations on becoming a father. This is really all i have time for at present, its now 2am here in England, Saturday morning. I spent most of the day at the hospital with dear - dear Trinity, for a man of no religion, i seem to be praying a lot recently, but still thats another story...
MPD, if only! i could be in two places at once and solve all my problems. Forgive me if i seem a bit stupid to ask this, but why do people use multiple names? I can't really see what would be achieved? after all if you have 4 things to ask, it takes a fraction of the time to post 1 listing of all 4 (under 1 name) as opposed to 4 listings (under 4 names) or am i overlooking something obvious?
Anyway Miranda, i would like to thank you for your thoughts on several names and information you provided on different sites, which proved very useful, as the boys become better at this, i expect all you will see from us is those elusive single element names from Old Norse/ Old English that we keep on searching to find a site that can explain them, but we just cannot seem to find a suitable site, idea's???
What does *Sigh* mean, obviously this could be read several ways? sigh of relief? i assume, anyway got to go now, ole girl not sure when i personally will be back on here, but all this best regards "Bagpus"

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