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Subject: Attn:- Miranda
Author: Bobby Darin   (guest,
Date: May 7, 2005 at 5:46:45 AM
Reply to: Re: *Sigh* Miranda by Miranda
Miranda, I read what Baggie wrote and can't really add anything, except to say we were really unaware of this MPD thing, but we think the real giveaway is in the questions posed, i assume that not many school children on holiday are interested in Old Norse!
As we aquire more reference books and sites many names have been resolved before searching on this site, we have a wonderful book called the Revised Medievil Latin word list, this is excellent for finding many obscure elements and Mark has a Old Norse reader. Baggie is right we are just rookies (or do they call them freshmen in America?) in terms of this but we are learning. Forgive me if i ask what may seem obvious questions sometimes, after going around in circles for ages me and Mark just couldn't find the meaning of the name Wend, so finally we ran the enquiry on this board, we do try to find these, perhaps we not always successful in our searches, but thanks to your information we are now one step closer, cheers Miranda

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