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Subject: Lots of female names to add
Author: Ah Kum   (guest,
Date: November 5, 2002 at 11:53:16 AM
i am Ah Kum and I have a lot of names to add to your base (ALL FEMALE) starting with my name and ending with Zesiro
Ah Kum Chinese meaning Like an Orchid
Basimah Arabic meaning smiling
Bena/Bina Hebrew meaning wise
Bliss Anglo-Saxon meaning perfect joy
Bree Middle English meaning a broth
Brilliant French,Italian meaning sparkle or whirl
Carlota variant of Carlotta
Chitose Japanese meaning 1,000 years
Corah variant of Cora
Deolinda Portuguese meaning Beautiful God
Dorisa Hawaiian meaning From the Sea
Dyani Navaho meaning a deer
Ellama Indian meaning mother goddess
Fala North American Indian meaning crow
Filippa Swedish meaning lover of horses
Frayda Yiddish meaning joy
Fuyu Japanese meaning born in winter
Genevia Old French and Latin meaning juniper berry
Gin Japanese meaning silver
Guri Indian meaning goddess of abundance
Gutka Polish meaning good
Haru Japanese born in spring
Hasina African meaning good
Hinda German and Yiddish meaning deer
Ituha North American Indian meaning strong and sturdy oak
Iverna Old English meaning a bank or shore
Iwalani Hawaiian meaning heavenly sea bird
Izegbe Nigerian meaning long expected child
Jennelle variant of Janelle/pet form of Jane
Kaimana I know u have it but it can be a female name Hawaiian meaning diamond
Keshet Hebrew meaning rainbow
Kismet Arabic meaning fate,destiny
Kitra Hebrew meaning crown
Kohana Japanese meaning little flower
Kyrene Greek meaning a lord
Leoti American Indian meaning prairie flower
Lixue Chinese meaning beautiful snow
Meri Hebrew meaning rebellious
Naava Hebrew meaning beautiful
Narkissa Russian meaning daffodil
Obelia Greek meaning a needle
Oria Latin meaning Orient,the East
Osayimwese Nigerian meaning God made me Whole
Ottilia Swedish meaning lucky heroine
Otylia Polish meaning lucky heroine
Philantha Greek meaning lover of flowers
Plennie Latin meaning full,complete
Posala North American Indian meaning farewell to spring flower
Prabha Indian meaning light
Quanda Old English meaning queen or companion
Qubilah Arabic meaning concord
Radella German meaning counsel
Ryung Korean meaning brightness
Suzuki Japanese meaning bell tree
Tawana American Indian meaning is unknown
Tovah variant of Tova
Truc Vietnamese meaning wish
Tsuna Japanese meaning bond
Ualani Hawaiian meaning heavenly rain
Urit Hebrew meaning light
Vaino British meaning high
Volante Italian meaning to fly
Xylophila Greek meaning lover of forests
Yafit Hebrew meaning beautiful
Zesiro African meaning elder of the twins
Ah Kum

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