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Subject: Names names names... ARGH
Author: -Raven-   (guest,
Date: November 6, 2002 at 6:36:40 PM
I'm an insane writer... *hysterical laugh*
Just kidding, I write cheesy stories that mostly suck :\ But some people like them.. I think they're insane. Anyways, with the one I'm writing right now, I wanted to connect the meaning of the characters' names to their roles in the story. And I am having an extremely hard time finding them. If anbody happens to know any ones that fit, I'd *really* appreciate suggestions!
I need...
Two male names meaning something around "denial" or refusal
Two male names meaning something around "fight" or "hate" or "anger"
One male name meaning something around "doubt" or "unsure"
One female name meaning around "sorrow" or "confusion"

I'll probably be able to find some of them, but for some I'm getting really frustrated with... primarily the first.

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