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Subject: Nowadays most anything goes in Sweden
Author: Ylva   (guest)
Date: May 10, 2005 at 2:39:36 PM
Reply to: Laws and restrictions, part 2 by Irish
My poor translation of the name law:
The child can have one or many first names.
A fn must not be considered offensive or leading to discomfort for the child. It must not sound too much like a surname.
(Barnet kan få ett eller flera förnamn. Ett förnamn ska inte kunna uppfattas som stötande eller kunna tänkas leda till obehag för barnet. Det får inte heller ha påtaglig efternamnskaraktär.)

For example, a Swedish Nazi may want to give his son Hitler as fn but it would not be allowed in Sweden.

If someone wanted to name their son Pitt, it would not be allowed either I think, b/c it would lead to discomfort for the child. A name like Apple would not have been allowed before but nowadays it might be allowed.

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