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Subject: Re: More on "Macedonian" as a constructed language
Author: Nana   (guest)
Date: November 12, 2002 at 2:20:39 PM
Reply to: More on "Macedonian" as a constructed language by Pavlos
hmm, interesting...
I found out some things I didn`t know, but I am stil under the impression, that those information sources are not very reliable.
So I am sort of confused now-what is the truth? I would say it is somewhere in between, as usual :))
As I understand, macedonian language was not pure bulgarian even in the past, but sort of variation of bulgarian language and
it evolved in a separate language under the serbian influence. Isn`t that the way the new languages usually develop?
All in all, it is a fact that the inhabitats of Macedonia or FYROM do not feel bulgarian at all, so why not ackowledge that their
language is a unique one and not just a form of bulgarian. After all, slovenian is not so different fom croatian and they are different
languages. Croatian and Serbian are practically identical from my point of view, but are now recognized as two separate languages,
(in my opinion only because of political reasons).
Too bad politisc has to have its influence in everything. Wouldn`t life be more pleasant, if we didn`t have to worry about everything we
say or write in case we insult somebody :)))

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