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Subject: -impressed-
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: November 12, 2002 at 11:19:02 PM
Reply to: unusual names - can i call my charachters these names? by tony
First of all I would like to say that i really like your choice of names.
I personally collect odd and unusual names that i find beautiful, or attractive (by means of character.)
I was wondering if any of these names you have created, because I would like to possibly use some of them in my fictional works, but of course if they are yours, i would never.
Of course i simply mean a first name, possibly a last name, never the two together.

The ones I am interested in are:

Di Arrin (I would likely alter the spelling to D'Arren or something, so no one would recognize the two as similar)

A few of your names I already have on my list of 400 some odd names (Draco, Tobias and Loki)

If I may comment as to your names...

Affinity Zardin - Deffinatly sounds feminine. I see this as a women who is very beautiful and/or mysterious. Her age is either late teens to late twenties, or very old. Her eyes very compelling and a mystic aura about her. Men are very drawn to her, and women somewhat jealous, the friends she does have are very loyal, and she is very kind and caring. A very gentle woman, perhaps a healer. The last name suits the first well, and leads to these attributes.

Dain Ardeth - The name sounds masculain, or could be a brawny warrior woman. The first and last name both breath of power and of a rugud handsomeness. Their power not only lies in their strength, but cunning and leadership skills, perhaps a bit arrogant at times. I see this a strong, tall, man, handsome, but not to die for. Perhaps a great up-incoming soldier, with great strength in his youth and praise from his superiors, around mid 20s. Or, an older General or commander who has served well and maintains the handsomness of his youth. If he is the older of the two, I can see him being a bit of a ladies man, but the younger, as one to fall in love.

Loki Hilton - The snivling rich boy? I find the first and last names do not really match, especially with the rest on the list, Hilton being a real last name. Loki seems myschievious and slightly traitorous, and deffinatly male. The last name Hilton seems to imply wealth and stature, a certain regalness that doesn't coincide with the traits of the first name. I could see the two names coming together to form a rich boy who likes to use his fiancial wealth and higherarchy status to be cruel and play tricks on those around him. I can't really say that this name would suit that of a good main character. From this character tho, he would not be ugly, but not handsome. Almost to well groomed for a boy, and a little feminine perhaps.

Draco Torrens - The shy handsome village lad, peasentry or stable hand. Quite and good about his work, he is treated poorly by his employers/parents/guardians, or leaves on his own trying to make ends meat. Very affectionate, but poor. Very much the type to fall for a woman behond his reach. Or I could see a very old very powerful man, feared, yet loved...

Jonathan Di Arrin - I will not go to much into this name because I think it has any number of possibilities. I don't see him as main male character, or the type to have a great romance. Again perhaps a unreal name would create more character. Like changing it just a bit to... Judath, Jokaden, i ehno, those are bad ideas, im really sick right now :S I love this last name, it has so much potential, i find the first name is undermining it.

Zeke Tessenker - I can see Zeke and Dain, or Zeke and Draco as good friends. He sounds like the best friend type. Again, he has lots of potential, but i see a best friend figure somewhere in the mixture. He seems young to middle age. Whoever he is friends to, i think would affect his attributes.

Ella Braxton - I dont like this name whatsoever... sorry :S. I find it to modern, and too... english. This name seems very snobbish and uptight, deffinatly a comrade to someone like Loki, or maybe an arch enemy. A little change in spelling could do a lot for the character, perhaps Elola, or Vella, for the last name Braiden, or Braxon,

I think Tobias and Tao would make excellent brothers, Tobias being older. Sophiel seems very friendly to, maybe a bit shy, and Zen... very powerful, perhaps in wit.
I think you need to know the characteristics u want them to have before giving a last name, that changes everything.

Just so you know the name/word Dain appears in Tolkien's 'the Hobbit', I believe it is a city.


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