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Subject: Re: -impressed-
Author: tony   (guest,
Date: November 13, 2002 at 11:27:55 PM
Reply to: -impressed- by Silver
Affinity: well i have absolutely no idea where that came from - i didnt even know what it meant when i first decided that i liked it, but i thought it sounded pretty. then i looked it up in the dictionary and found out what it meant, but im just gonna overlook that aspect.

I got the name Dain from a book in a series called Deltora Quest by Emily Rodda - great books, check them out one time - anyways, i loved the name so i added it to my little (now long) list of names.

the name Di Arrin just popped into my head one day when i was trying to think of a last name for jonathan - he was supposed to be one of those rich kids from spain or italy or greece or another european country, and Di Arrin seemed to work. all those rich familys always have two-word lastnames... :)

Tao... tao i got from an online manga comic called zodiak ( i wanted an asian charachter who was masculine and the protective type.

and zen... hehe, he was the name of one of the boys of 'search for a supermodel'... tis a pretty cool name, so i used it.

you can use any of these names if you want - just as long as i dont ever read the stories with them in it (wouldnt want my charachters to be all wrong). oh, by the way silver, i wouldnt mind having a look at your list of 'odd names' as you so put it. i have a list of my own :)

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