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Subject: Re: lol! questions on q, x, wh, and w
Author: Lilith   (guest)
Date: November 15, 2002 at 7:26:53 PM
Reply to: lol! questions on q, x, wh, and w by Silver
Bonjour is a strange word. My French teachers pronounced it 'bo-JEW-er' (second two slurred together to make an interesting e sound) with the 'n' in 'bon' nearly impossible to hear and a guttural thingydoo on the end. (French is not as pretty as it's cracked up to be.) In English, though, people just say "bone-JER" or something of that ilk. Going with 'salut' (sah-LOO, I think) is a good suggestion...

English also has 'sayonara'--we steal from multiple cultures. ;)

Silver: Also, 'q' is somethings a 'ch' sound. Still uneeded...

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