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Subject: Attn:- Miranda and Miss Claire - Mystery and intrigue.....
Author: Mark C.   (guest)
Date: May 12, 2005 at 7:03:04 PM
Reply to: French names:- Brousse, Brouas and Brix (Brus) by Mark C.
This is interesting, i was reading a historical account of the life of a man, who choose to name his children (IN WAY OR ANOTHER)after his greatest hero. These are the names of some of the 6 childrens names.
In the whole book you never learn who the hero was! and this is the question? as i've looked on i realise that several of these are in fact place names. All you learn that "the hero" was not only the greatest national hero the country ever had but also perhaps the most inspirational?

Brix, near Cherbourg
(Le) Brus in Calvados
Briouze in Orne (another child)
Brouas, located where?

But what is the connection.

Set right on the border of England and Scotland?, the family are either English or Scottish, but how all these French references relate to the hero, i just don't know. But they all being with the letter "B"!.......

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