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Subject: Re: Question to Denise..., (Anneza, Pavlos)
Author: Denise   (guest,
Date: November 26, 2002 at 5:20:10 PM
Reply to: Question to Denise... by Pavlos
Well names had to start some where.. Whether it had a meaning or you made you own meaning. Since this is the site for "Meaning of names" I was just wondering if I stumble unto something. Keij'ne was his brother and my name combine and Kemoi name just came to me. I made my own meaning. Those it matter if another language its was something profound. No, it would be funny to say the least. The kids love their name, everyone love their name and I love it. To bad you wanna think that there name could inhumane meanings. But fear not--to mean keij'ne means--"three souls one spirit"

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