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Subject: Re: Adeliza theory
Author: Miss Claire   (Authenticated as Miss Claire)
Date: May 15, 2005 at 5:11:42 PM
Reply to: Adeliza theory by Miranda
I think this theory is right. :)

I'll answer to Jessica's other questions, in case someone is interested:

Urracca: I'm interested in knowing about it too.

Adeliza: see Miranda's post

Aufrica: Africa?

Awelina: Avelina?

Rohese: Rohesia

Berenger: from the Germanic elements "ber", "bear", and "gar", "spear"

Ives, Forn, Sigulf: Ives, ?, from the Germanic elements "sige", "victory" and "wulf", "wolf"?

Hildouin: from the Germanic elements "hild", "battle", and "wine", "friend"?

Regnier: Rainier

Mahaut: Old French form of Mathilde. Click on it and on Maud.

~~ Claire ~~

My dear ! are Alia, Eidel, Enola, Israel, Dudel, Yuri, Lina, Lorelei, Leilani, Owen and Julian.
My dear ? are Hillel, Meshullam, Johnny, Ginny and Cordelia.

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