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Subject: Another approach
Author: Pavlos   (guest)
Date: December 3, 2002 at 3:21:12 AM
Reply to: how many ways can you spell Merry Christmas without spelling it the *correct* way!?!?? by Holly
The following are anagrams of 'Merry Christmas ':
Symmetric Sharr
Chemistry Marrs
Chemistry Smarr
Smarmy Richters
Mister McSharry
Shirty Crammers
McRary Smithers
Smithmyer Scarr
Myrta Scrimsher
Tymar Scrimsher
McSharry Stermi
Myrtis Scharmer
Trimmers Charys
Smarmy Christer
McSherry Martis
Chryssa Trimmer
Mistry Scharmer
Trimmers Chrysa
StMary Schirmer
Chrissy Trammer
Martyrs Schmier
Marchers Myrtis
Re-marry Schmits
Marchers Mistry
Erythrism crams
Therms miscarry
Remarry Schmits
Scram erythrism
Irtysh crammers
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