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Subject: Re: -doesnt see the problem-
Author: Holly   (guest)
Date: December 4, 2002 at 9:17:43 PM
Reply to: -doesnt see the problem- by Silver
i know what your saying!!!! my parents did basically the same thing! i hate it because no one at first glance will be able to say my name and it takes a bit of coaching on how to say it. Esepially teachers. i have had one teacher for 3 years know and he can not say it right. but its pretty close. but one girl this year was trying to correct it for me and im like, look he hasn't been able to get it right so whats the use! then theres the spelling in school. Think about this: your making invitations to your child's b-day party. there are 3 people name Ashley. One spells it Ashleigh. anouther spells it Ashli and the third spells it Ashley (the normal way). You need to look up every name or ask how to spell it!!!! and wasn't there a mother ,a while back,who had a kid named Olivia but spellt it Uhlyvia or some form of that?? i mean you had to take like a minute to look at it and pronounce it. with my name i can always tell at the beginning of the school year, when they are calling my name for roll call. AHHH!!!! i m babbling too. i gotta go rest.

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