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Subject: lot of ppl bringing up the name Ashley
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: December 5, 2002 at 7:54:00 AM
Reply to: Re: -doesnt see the problem- by Holly
a lot of ppl are bringing up the name Ashley
which is ironic, because that is my name
personally I don't have a big problem with Ashley, Ashlee, and Ashleigh, but Ahshli... thats getting a little wierd
I wish my parents named me Ashlea (pronounced Ahsh-lay instead of the usual ahsh-lee) because this is the gaelic form of the name, and my backround is mostly gaelic. Althought it would of been pronounced and spelt wrong a lot, I wouldnt have minded.. most people spell my name wrong anyways, I got Ashle and Ashly the most.
And the only Ashlea i know, has people call her Ashley, except for her gaelic grandparents which can't really help it because of their accent. It really depends situation wise, but I have 9 ashley's in my grade alone, that is counting variations in spelling. I have had up to 4 ashley's in my classes, including me. Needless to say y'all know why i have a bizzarre obsession with unique and original names now!!



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