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Subject: Actually No!
Author: Chavonne   (guest)
Date: December 7, 2002 at 3:07:53 AM
Reply to: anyone else annoyed with... by x
The Boy's names given to girls thing is okay depending on the name. I know girls named Taylor, Ashton, Ashley, Alex, Billi, and Bobbi.
I don't see myself doing it but I don't care if other's do.

Actually I think "Kreatyv Spellings" are kind of cute. Elyza, Candyce, Carmyn, and my fave Jazzmin.

As for the made up names... as longas they sound niceit's cool but it starts sounding kind of funky then we have a problem
For example one of best friends' name is Taniqua (tuh NEE kwuh). She hates her name. I do too. It's almost as bad as her
little sister's name, Tashanawa. their oldest sister has a made up name but it is pretty: Tishira (Ti SHY ruh).

As long as the name is pretty it's okay. Camaya= cute. Atifiquandria=not cute

Speaking of made up names... In highschool, there was a girl in my P.E. class named MyFila Adida Jackson!
Honest to God truth. As iin the Shoes Filas and Adidas!

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