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Subject: Even more annoying... In response to: Is anyone else annoyed with... posted by X
Author: Charisma   (guest)
Date: December 7, 2002 at 3:40:35 AM
Very annoying! naming your kids words. Maybe it just annoys me because my name is Freaking

Charisma! I can't wait until I can change my name. I was given this name because I didn't have a name
when I was brought to an orphanage as a baby. So I was given a stupid name by the nurses. All the boys
who were brought without names got regular names. But me and another girl, Precious are stuck with names
like these.

So I hate my name and other names like it.

i also hate it when kids are named after places: Asia, China, India, etc... Especially whenthey get kreatyv
Azia, Chyna, Indya...etc It drives me Freaking Crazy!

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