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Subject: La Virgen de la Esperanza en Triana
Author: Lumia   (guest)
Date: May 19, 2005 at 1:19:01 AM
Reply to: What does my first name mean?? by Triana
Triana is a district of Sevilla, where there is a Virgin Mary image: la Virgen de la Esperanza (Our Lady of the Hope), a. k. a. la Esperanza de Triana, a. k. a. la Virgen de Triana. The feminine names María de Triana, María Triana and Triana are popular in Sevilla (and in Andalucia, for extension).

The origin and meaning of Triana are unclear, but it seems that Triana comes from [i] Traiana [/i], related with [i] Traianus [/i] (Trajan), who was born in Italica (nowadays, 7 km to Sevilla).

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