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Subject: Re: Meaning Of My Name
Author: তন্ময় ভট   (guest,
Date: May 25, 2005 at 6:08:02 AM
Reply to: Meaning Of My Name by Yuveshnie
I am stumped, and hence interested. The sound is definitely more Indoaryan than Dravidian, more Old IA than New IA, and in those cases I can usually recognize it. If you are the same as, or are related to, the Yuveshnie Govender who asked the question here in May 2004, it becomes more likely because Govender is definitely Hindu, and there is a tradition of using Sanskrit based names among them.

The element yuva could mean `you two', or more likely `young' (probably somehow related to yuj, cognate with and meaning to yoke), or related words like `young adult', `healthy', `youthful' etc. The other bit is giving me trouble: it sounds awfully close to a made up feminine of a word meaning `impulse', and `youthful impulse' does make sense.

The first problem is that it is far more likely for such names to be quotations than novel combinations, and I cannot recall this combination in any popular religious literature. The second problem is that there are other words that are close and derive from a different source, like one from `to possess' is the name of shiva, but `youthful' does not quite fit the shaivaite conception, and Govender is not a shaivaite element either. And, the last point is that it is not an exact match, and given the other two problems, I hesitate.

Can you write a line or two about the family history where the name arose (level of religious erudition, religion. social class, caste, place of origin)? Some other names in the family would also help, especially if they are from the same period as yours. And, would you, by any remote chance, happen to know how to write it in any Indian script?

Sorry, I am probably on the wrong track. but since someone with such an unusual name did not get an answer a year back, I decided to expose my confusion so that you have something more to go on ...

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