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Subject: Re: Long name
Author: oneway21001   (Authenticated as oneway21001)
Date: May 29, 2005 at 2:26:47 PM
Reply to: Long name by Daniel
Names are factors used in identify specific individuals and the family lines we descend from. Many cultures do give their children long names for that reason as a religious, traditional or cultural habit.

I have a long (longer than I am tall) formal name that I almost never use but, this name is a common practice (it was in my childhood and youth) amoung the Hebrew and Jewish people. I know people who are of Castillian decent who have long names and some Eastern Indian and Native Americans.

I think we (human beings) just like to have a whole nest of names around ourselves because in them we know who we are and from whom we come and where we are going, and it is a legacy we can pass down generation to generation, that is only lost when the particular name is no longer used or so changed it is unrecognizable.

Of all the names I have, and have been called the one I love best is simply "redeemed".



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