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Subject: Re: I have 2 Q's
Author: oneway21001   (Authenticated as oneway21001)
Date: May 29, 2005 at 3:06:41 PM
Reply to: Re: I have 2 Q's by Miranda
Thank you for the information.

Qe1. Is there an Indian name that means Queen of India? And I wonder why a Hindu would call someone not Hindu Queen of India? Maybe this is more of a linguistic question but, I did hear a very specific name called the lady I am speaking about, but I cannot remember what it was other than when I asked my friend with me what the people were calling her she said "They are calling her Queen of India".

Seems like I remember that the woman called "Mother Teresa" was called by by the people she served Queen or Mother of India and for good reason she literally did pour out her milk of human kindness in service to all the Indian people. This instance I spoke of happened quite recently and I do not think it had any reference to that queen of the British Isles.

Qe2. Does anyone know what the chain of command in a name's names are and what they are called? I know I read at least one Phd book on nomonology, and several articles and reports discussing name meanings and their histories and orgins that dealt in detail with the question. There is a word for it but I can only think of chain of command to describe the word. Name lines are much like writting sentences there is an order and place with its own title and rank and I'd like to know (again) what that is, I just cannot remember.



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