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Subject: How does this sound???
Author: Noelle   (guest)
Date: February 22, 2001 at 5:44:20 PM
I have two children (Bridget Michelle and Caitlyn Mary - called Caty). I'm pregnant with number three but it's too early to tell yet (but we're hoping third times a charm for a boy - even the dog is a girl!!!) What sounds good with "Gibson"? I like Angela Jane (after the grandmothers - it also gives us "A B C") for a girl and Brendan Noel for a boy; my husband wants Kieran (after the Japanese beer not the Irish saint) and Sinead for a girl, but I think those are too hard to pronounce outside our very Irish family. My father-in-law wants Robert Patrick III but we already have 5 Roberts in the family, including a 6 year old cousin. Any suggestions/combinations would be helpful (we'd like to keep it Irish/English so it flows with the last name).

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