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Subject: A name for a wanderer?
Author: Imogen   (guest,
Date: June 4, 2005 at 9:36:27 AM
Maybe this sounds funny, but I'm currently writing a story, and need a name for one of my characters. The story is about two girls who take a boat and travel across the ocean. The first girl is probably going to be called NERYS - as in, a variation on NEREIDA or NERISSA, from the greek Nereids, who were sea nymphs. I think it suits her. The other girl is currently called MORGAN, which means something like 'circle of sea' but I'm not happy with it. I don't want it to be obviously a name with meaning; it should sound just like a normal name somebody would have. I've got a few names that relate to water, like MARA, but I'm interested in finding names that relate to wandering.
I wondered if anybody had any ideas - do you know any pretty names that have roots in words like 'pilgrim', 'wanderer' or even an emotion like 'longing' or 'seeking'? The only one I could find on this site was BEATRIX (from the latin Viatrix, which means traveller) but it wasn't suitable. Firstly, it didn't really suit a 21st-century girl - I want a name that sounds down-to-earth and quite ordinary. Secondly, the altered spelling means that its meaning has been altered too. Viatrix doesn't sound right.

If you have any ideas, please let me know! It would be so great if you could help me.

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