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Subject: Hubert originally a short form of Hugobert?
Author: Lucille   (Authenticated as Lucille)
Date: June 4, 2005 at 12:09:28 PM
Whenever I see descriptions of the name Hubert, it lists the name as a 'full name' on its own. A couple of days ago, when I was looking for other Germanic names, I came across the name Hugobert. I discovered that the name has the same meaning as Hubert, which led me to think that Hubert could be a shorter form of Hugobert. However, no sources on the Internet list Hubert as a short form for Hugobert.

So, I was wondering: is Hubert really a short form of Hugobert, or are they both independent names that came into being on their own?

Thank you in advance to whoever can solve the mystery for me. :)


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