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Subject: Re: Cool! Thank you!
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: February 24, 2001 at 2:09:06 AM
Reply to: Re: Cool! Thank you! by Daividh
"Ha! There ain't no el's in "Tupac", Nan (altho there's probably a Tupac in 'ell.)"

@@@@ Hey! I'll have you know that Satan has *taste* in music, and is far more likely (as the legend goes) to have been a patron of Paganini. Tupac is "light" and kidstuff. :)

"And it's "horse SERVANT", not "horse-keeper", with 2 el's."

@@@@ Well, I can think of worse things one might call one's employer, besides just "horse". ;)

"My bro-in-law isn't foolish enough to go up against such an awesome and memorable musical talent as The Baha Men. He's a niche player, going up every year in the category of "Best Historical Album"."

@@@@ I didn't even know they had a category for that in the Grammys. Cool!

"This year he won for re-mastering the works of some early black group even I hadn't heard of, but in '99, he won for "The Complete Hank Williams" boxed set, and one of the Grammys before that was for a comprehensive Miles Davis reissue."

@@@@ Hmmm... I dunno if Satan is into Hank Williams, actually. I think Jesus is the one with dibs on the country/western musicians. :)

"He HAS worked with Mariah, Michael, Bruce, Lauren, and other luminaries, but this old stuff is his bread 'n butter."

@@@@ Nothin' wrong with bread 'n' butter. On the other hand, if you were to tell me that this was his "watermelon 'n' feta", I'd be looking at you very oddly right now. :)

"I once asked him what it was like having to listen to "I'm Walkin' The Floor Over You" at least 30 times in one day. His reply made it clear why so many recording engineers have drinking problems."

@@@@ Well, at least they internalize it well. Else we'd have the expression over here of "going postal" changed to "going recording engineer" -- which is quite a mouthfull.

-- Nanaea

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