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Subject: Re: For anyone who speaks Hebrew...
Author: Andy ;—)   (guest,
Date: June 7, 2005 at 6:05:31 AM
Reply to: Re: For anyone who speaks Hebrew... by ירד
Hi, Jared (if this is your real name) !

Thank you for your elaborate answer! Very interesting and obviously no "shit" around. Your interpretation of "Where is the prince?" sounds convincing (if the translation is correct; I don't know an Phoenecian and just about figure out the Hebrew word "ayeh" in Aleph-Yod, but I don’t know the Phoenecian word for „prince“, maybe it has something to do with „baal“). Would the name only be given to a princess, or would any father call his son "prince"?
I too have always wondered whether the biblical name Jezebel (Izevel) comes in with ISABEL. It's just too tempting to believe this and respectable name books do consider the possibility.
But I am not sure. There is only one Jezebel in the bible, and she is wicked and mean, definetely no-one to identify with. So why should her name be given either by Jews or Christians? I realise that her husband’s name Ahab did prevail, and he too was (almost) the only one in the bible. Do you have any information about the further Jewish use of Jezebel /Izevel?
May I ask one more question: What books or other sources do you use?

Andy ;—)

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