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Subject: Re: Basque names
Author: Iñigo   (guest)
Date: June 10, 2005 at 1:18:18 PM
Reply to: Re: Basque names by Javier
Basta ya!?!? What are you talking about? Names have nothing to do with politics.

The most likely origin of both names, Nerea and Iñigo, is Basque. In Nerea is evident that has a clear association with the basque language. It was difficult to find Nereas sometime ago outside the basque country, and the probability of finding it outside Spain is even smaller. I am going to find out soon, but my guess is that Nerea name in greece is absolutely absent. Same in Latin-Roman world. I may be wrong. I will be really glad to rectify if you can give me a classic source where a person, not a God, is named Nerea.

My guess though is that Nerea is much recent than Eneko, name that is very ancient. There is a trend inventing new names in the Basque country. I could be wrong but I believe Nerea is one of them.

It happens the same with the name Iñigo. So popular in the Basque country much before Saint Ignatius of Loyola came up and made it even more popular. Iñigo is more complex than Nerea since is the Castilian version of Eneko, and somebody could argue that Iñigo came first and then was adopted by some basques who made there Eneko version.

The Castilian language was born in an area with an strong basque influence. In some of these regions there was a large percentage of basque speakers, and it should not suprise anybody that people living there eventually shared names and the Castilian language.

Javi, I am not preparing the "Aberri Eguna" simply because I highlight the probable basque origin of that name. Your final "Basta ya" stinks... do you think that I go around burning buses? Or Perhaps you think you have stumbled with one of those who thinks that "el Gorbea" is the bloody center of the universe. Whatever you think I consider your post insulting.


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