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Subject: Re: Three Hungarian name questions
Author: Narinoc   (guest)
Date: June 11, 2005 at 7:02:37 AM
Reply to: Three Hungarian name questions by Miranda
Woohoo, Hungarian names! I can't really say anything more than Chrisell, except about Buda.

1. Alex: as a full formal name, Alex is a male name. However, an Alexandra can also have the informal nn Alex.
2. ADél is female, the Hun. form of Adele.
3. Buda is male: according to a myth he was the elder brother of Attila the Hun (as you may now, it's a popular belief - though not true - that the Hungarians are related to the Huns). The reason why you found it as a place name is because our capital, Budapest, was made from the uniting of two small towns, Buda and Pest it the 1800s.

Hungary is a conservative country when it comes to naming: we have no unisex names...

I hope my little lecture was not too boring :-)

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