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Subject: Re: My favorite names .
Author: Miss Claire   (Authenticated as Miss Claire)
Date: June 15, 2005 at 10:37:01 PM
Reply to: My favorite names . by ghettoqueen4life
These names are very... ghetto. I dislike them, sorry. Anyway it should be posted on the opinion board, unless you are looking for their meaning (many don't have one because they are made up).
Click on the names that have a link...

1. Jourdan (see Jordan & Jourdain)
2. Daylon (Dylan? Dillon?)
3. Iliana (see Ileana)
4. Jasmine
5. Luis
5. Que'Shanda (made up)
6. Nyamuli (probably ethnic but apparently we don't have it here)
7. Raven
8. AJ (not a name, only initials)
9. Tia
10. Keasha (Kisha)
11. De'Briana ("de" is the French for "of" + Briana)
12. Daylonan (made up)
13. Jordana
14. Tasha
15. Kim (my mama's name)
16. Sherron (Sharon)
17. Alex
18. Abriana (a + Briana or Aubriana)
19. Clay
20. Anas
21. Kanard ("canard" means "duck" in French, but it's no name)
22. Kel (short form of one of these names:*&nmd=n&gender=both&operator=or
23. Kewon (Kevin? or made up)

~~ Claire ~~

My ! are Alia, Eidel, Enola, Israel, Dudel, Yuri, Lina, Lorelei, Leilani, Owen, Julian, Glorinda, Mirinda
My ? are Hillel, Meshullam, Johnny, Ginny, Cordelia, Fiammetta, Yocheved
My ~ are Tehila, Tilda, Hailey, Gillian, Huldah
My / are Aglaia and July

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