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Subject: Re: About e-mailing Mike
Author: Mike C   (Authenticated as Mike C)
Date: June 16, 2005 at 12:49:25 AM
Reply to: About e-mailing Mike by Miranda
Yes, what Miranda said. :)
There's nothing wrong with people posting about missing names or mistakes on the board. At least that way the information is logged, and other users can discuss/back up/refute their claims. Of course, there's less of a chance I'll actually remember to make the change to the database if it's not emailed to me, but I do visit this board once or twice a day, so it is likely I'll see it.

As for the email thing, I'd prefer people not write my address out, in order to reduce the amount of junk mail I receive. (email spiders are programs that traverse the web, collecting any email addresses they come across - the collected addresses are then sold to spammers)


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