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Subject: Re: Kyra, Kyria, Kiera, Kira ????
Author: PriaposLovs   (guest)
Date: February 27, 2001 at 3:52:25 AM
Reply to: Kyra, Kyria, Kiera, Kira ???? by Diedre
According to our venerable leader and cash cow Mike C (peace be upon Him) Kyra is a feminine version on Cyrus. In addition to this etymology, Kyra may also related to the Greek Kyria (meaning "Lady")and pronounced keyREEah. Offshoot Greek names include the male Kyriakos (Key-ri-A-kos") -- meaning "of the Lord" -- and the female Kyriaki (Key-reea-KEY)-- meaning Sunday. A famous Kyriakos includes George Michael. A famous Kyriaki includes PriaposLovs' wife.
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