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Subject: Re: She wasn't talking to you . . .
Author: Robin Johnson   (guest)
Date: June 20, 2005 at 9:06:08 AM
Reply to: She wasn't talking to you . . . by Chrisell
I see that now. I am eating it. Thanks for pointing it out to me. But Jaden didn't even write anything... so I couldn't see how she was talking to Jaden. Anyway, I see that I was wrong and, again, I'm sorry to both of you: Caprice and Chrisell. It's just that the name, Tawena, was spelled out so clearly in the dream and it exists, apparently, in some bad children's book about Native Americans, but it could just be some non-sensical made up name that is supposed to sound Native American. It's important because we're having a daughter and her name is of special concern to me.

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