Subject: Re: Country of Orgin and a note to Satu
Author: Ivayla   (guest)
Date: April 8, 2003 at 8:06:03 PM
Reply to: Country of Orgin by Awgust
There are three Lithuanian dukes by the name of Awgust: Great Duke
Awgust II Mocny (1697-1706, 1709-33), Great Duke Awgust III (1633-1663) and Great Duke S. Awgust Paniatkowski (1764-1795). Could Awgust be Lithuanian?
And a note to Satu: Russians use the Cyrillic alphabet, so there are a few ways to transliterate words in the Latin alphabet. The month àâãóñò is commonly transliterated as Avgust by English-speaking people, but it can be Awgust if the person knows German.
(For example, my friends who speak English write my name the way I do - Ivayla. But one of my friends who goes to school in Germany, writes it as Iwayla, and my Serbian room-mate writes it as Ivajla. Those are all correct transliterations of Èâàéëà). My point is, be careful when talking about the spelling of Cyrillic-alphabet-using nations' words, as it mostly depends on the individuals' preferences :).
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