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Subject: Any info on Truski?
Author: Tankgirl   (Authenticated as Tankgirl)
Date: June 24, 2005 at 6:05:33 AM
Does anyone have any further info on the name Truski? Or know anyone else who sports it?

My parents came across the name via a Scandinavian family who used it as a pet name for one of their daughters. The only other use of it as a feminine given name I have come across was a Danish family who used it as a short form of Petrushka. However, on a recent trip through ex-Soviet Central Asia a border official told me I was a "special English lady" because I had a Russian name. I know there is a town in southern Poland called Truski (or similar spelling) which has probably given rise to its instances as a surname (mostly US based) but I would be grateful for any light anyone could shed on its use as a given name.

Many thanks
Truski (who would much rather have been plain Jane)

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