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Subject: Thanks, Pavlos,
Author: Satu   (guest)
Date: April 11, 2003 at 4:41:25 PM
Reply to: Re: Question to Pavlos by Pavlos
now I understand what you meant! ;-)

But a German wouldn't pronounce the name Valkyrie with an F-sound but with a V-sound.

In German a W is pronounced like an English V and a V is pronounced like an F. But V is pronounced like an English V in foreign words and many names as well. Only those names with a German origin are pronounced with an F-sound (like Volker, Vocke and Volkwin), foreign names with a (English) V-sound (like Viktor, Vinzent and Valerie).

Valkyrie would be pronounced with an F-sound because the German form of the name is Walküre (it's not used as a first name though) so even this foreign spelling would be pronounced the same way.

Regards, Satu

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