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Subject: Re: Conformation on the meaning and origins of these names.
Author: scye   (guest,
Date: April 15, 2003 at 11:55:41 PM
Reply to: Conformation on the meaning and origins of these names. by A
2. Bowen is from the welsh surname Ap Owen meaning Son of Owen... Bowen being a contraction of the two... Owen or Owain having an uncertain etymology but possibly coming from the welsh 'oen' meaning lamb, or the gaelic 'eoghunn' meaning youth or from the welsh form of the latin 'eugenius' meaning well born or noble. The meanings being an uncertainty, having come from a baby name book of mine.

3. The only Bowie I found is associated with the hunting knife. Although, the baby name book did give an origin with the name, that being the gaelic 'buidhe' meaning yellow.

4.Harlowe definately looks old english to me. I found two possibilities for 'har', one being hare from the old english 'hara' and the other being rock or heap of stones from the old english 'haer'. Lowe I found on this site's surname page under brownlow... they have the meaning of lowe from the old english 'hlaw' meaning a small hill. So it could either be a small hill or possibly a rocky hill...

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