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Subject: Re: Time for another exciting round of...
Author: Sondra   (guest)
Date: April 16, 2003 at 4:15:53 PM
Reply to: Time for another exciting round of... by Mike C
i see what everyone else sees, but these remind me of word games we used to get during indoor recess in elementary school.
ex: MCE MCE MCE = three blind mice be cause they have no "i"s.

now the fun begins-

Line 1: £ a crossed-out "L" = no L = Noel. Christmas in April!

Line 2: &Lslash; somebody has been messing with a mascara advertisement! & = and, which said in a valley girl accent can sound like end. Ls = less, & + Ls = endless. then comes "lash". So far we have endless lash--a very popular type of mascara. lastly, in the tinkering process that went into creating this ad, the exclamation mark ! got turned upside-down and became a semi-colon ;

Do you see it! if not, don't feel bad--i have a warped way of looking at the world ;)

-Sondra the "interesting" one

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