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Subject: Re: Latin words for "Wonderful"
Author: Jen   (guest)
Date: June 26, 2005 at 7:09:52 AM
Reply to: Latin words for "Wonderful" by Ciarda85
What you've got there is a list of various noun and verb forms of the same Latin word. I'm not sure how interested you are in Latin, but Cassell's Latin dictionsary will give you the most cursory verb conjugations and noun declinations for a dictionary. For syntax and grammar, look to either Wheelock or Bennett's books.

I'm not sure, also, what question you're asking -- are you looking for a particular meaning in the word? Say, "she who must be wondered at" which is actually what Miranda means, though it gets transalated simlply to "wonderful" or "admired." Amanda works this way as well - "she who must be loved." (It's the gerund -- mirandus, -a, -um. You can Google "gerund")

Without fully knowing your question about Latin, you may also want to go to the usenet Latin newsgroup, where people are always happy to help you translate and answer questions of the sort I'm guessing you have -- why each of those Latin words appears to have the same meaning (Latin grammar works diferently than English, so I won't explain all the forms you posted not knowing what you're looking for, as well as guessing this isn't the forum for it).

My recommendation - visit the Latin newsgroup and ask away; you'll get many responses.

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