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Subject: ramblings, comments requested re; Lani
Author: lani   (Authenticated as sleilani)
Date: June 26, 2005 at 9:55:30 PM
copy of my email to any info appreciated
I like your site
I did not see my name "Lani" (= heavenly)
You did not have "Lei Lani" with a space either,
the way I have seen it when they are together.
(Heavenly flower or heavenly child)
you did have it "leilani", no space starting 1949
But usually the name is just Lani (= heavenly)

I was born in Hawaii and named after Queen Lei lani ( a space) the last reigning queen of Hawaii and think the two words were used together as part of a royal title, like The Great Queen Mary or Queen Mary The Great
Since her reign was I believe pre WWII, then Hawaii was a territory not a state and there was a Hawaiian song about Queen Lei Lani (Elvis may have sung it) that became popular, as Hawaii was discovered as a paradise. during the war, and post war.
I noticed on your popularity lists that "leilani". no space starts to show up on your charts, 1949 (the year of my birth) i wonder if it was just an American trend post war

the Polynesians and Hawaiians use just "Lani" or sometimes as two names, "Lei Lani", with a space like Mary Anne
I Moved to the states at age 9 and never met an other Lani till I moved to the south at age 30
then I heard my name, usually a male name spelled Lonny or Lonnie
except for Loni Anderson she uses an "O" though
Lani is pronounced almost the same if people see my spelling they pronounce it wrong

I visited western Samoa this summer and found that there were many Lani's always a woman's name. they all thought I must be Samoan since my name was Lani and it was common. as common as Susan and Mary here, and always with just the Lani, no leilani, with or with out a space, For the Samaon people's name
In church in Samoa on Sundays, the sevices in the villiages are in Samoan. "Lei lani" is heard frequently during the service but descriptive, a tittle
like "heavenly child" , reffering to the Son of God in heaven .
Several ministers told me this is used in Samoan missionary church's as a reference to Jesus. makes sense, royal or noble of the heaven's
That was the only place I saw it used as "Lei Lani".
I wonder if "Lani" is truly Polynesian as I was told .
it is a common name on many of the other Polynesian islands since they migrated to Hawaii and settled it. we just tend to think of it as Hawaiian only

Thanks for letting me ramble
i probably have all this wrong just look at it as my mis infomed theory
i hope someone can enlighten me
Lani Walsh

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