Subject: Re: I took the "WHAT IS ELAINE'S PROBLEM?" quiz
Author: Anastasia   (guest)
Date: April 19, 2003 at 10:12:14 AM
Reply to: Re: I took the "WHAT IS ELAINE'S PROBLEM?" quiz by Barbara
Seven is more aesthetically pleasing, than those other numbers, but I see what you are getting at :-P

When I first heard the name I said yuck, but during an interview she spoke about her son's name for like 10 minutes. Focusing on how life can destroy your soul, and by naming her son, seven, she's reminding him, not to get caught up in things like that. His name can't be divided, hence his soul, and heart won't be broken "divided". Obviously you can't guarantee those things won't happen, with a name (she pointed that out too), but it is indeed a nice thought, it’s defiantly inspiring. That interview took away my 'yuck' feelings. I wonder if it would have melted Elaine’s heart! LOL

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