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Subject: Re: Oh, then it should be among the Biblical names
Author: Miss Claire   (Authenticated as Miss Claire)
Date: June 27, 2005 at 8:16:43 AM
Reply to: Oh, then it should be among the Biblical names by Ylva
Yehonadav (Jonadav) is described as "almost unused". No, apparently it is extra rare even among Jews. Here's why:

In II Samuel 13, we read how Amnon, son of King David, fell in "love" with his sister Tamar. His smart but wily friend Yonadav advised him to feign illness in order that Tamar serve him in private, so that he would be able to force himself upon her. After the sin was committed, we read in Verse 15 that Amnon hated her more than he initially loved her. As a result of such a tragedy in the royal family (rather different from nowadays), King David's court decreed that a man may not be in seclusion with an unmarried woman. (Scriptures forbid seclusion with a married woman alone (married to someone else, that is).) (See Sanhedrin 21b.)

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