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Subject: Re: Who knows the meaning of my name....TAMBRA???
Author: Tambra Collette   (guest)
Date: February 28, 2001 at 2:34:01 PM
Reply to: Who knows the meaning of my name....TAMBRA??? by Tambra
Thats a very good question. One I have wondered myself for many years now. Especially since everyone seems to comment on it, and then follows up with the guaranteed question of "So how did your parents come up with it?". My mom tells me that she thought she heard a woman in a park call her daughter that, but when she asked the woman, she said it was Tamara. But my mom liked it so much that she used it a few years later on me...

I have found this: Its an Italian music word, there is an out of business computer company called Tambra Computers, and the majority of the few of us whom have it were born in the 50's. If you ever learn more info, do let me know. I would be very curious.... :)

By the way, there is an interesting meaning-of-names website that has it listed:

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