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Subject: Re: For anyone who speaks Hebrew... (warning-contains swear words)
Author: oneway21001   (Authenticated as oneway21001)
Date: June 27, 2005 at 8:53:15 PM
Reply to: Re: For anyone who speaks Hebrew... (warning-contains swear words) by Anneza
Since Julia is a form of Judah one needs remember that the Hebrew peoples or what most folks today think of as the Jewish people, were a greatly despised peoples by their neighbors and at first we were called "Jedudim" or "Jews" as a curl by the other nations who were not part of our peoples and Covenant with God. Jew was not meant to flatter us at all, infact Hitler (he is damned of The Lord) revived the word "Jew" as a curl against us again in his demonic endevour to wipe us off the face of the Earth and so eradicate God and prove Him a liar. I can see where Julia could be construded to mean "where's the shit?". Shit is an acronym by the way of "Ship High In Transit" goes back to days when manure was imported and exported. Shit is not actually a word of swearing or oath but it is one most polite society tries to steer away from.

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