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Subject: A Sugested Name
Author: Dark Angel Raven   (guest,
Date: June 27, 2005 at 9:46:00 PM
For Any whom read this message. I Know of a name that I'd love to name my baby girl. But I am unsure as of it's origins or meaning. Landera is the name. it can allso be spelled like Landria. I am of Welsh Scotish and Irish desent if that helps to find a deffinition. It is for a feminie usage. I tried to look it up and I got Leander instead , if anyone out that has any ideas to this names meaning or origin please post on this message for me to see i am not that far off from my due date in my pregnacy and i'd sooo love to have a name for my baby girl.
Thank you all for any help and trouble you go through for this.
Sincerly The Dark Angel Raven

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